Eyes Wide Open

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The refreshing solution for eyes that just wont open!

Ever feel like you have gritty eyes or they just won’t open? This soothing eye lotion brings relief to tired, puffy eyes.

Contains a plethora of botanicals that reduce inflammation and sensitivity, and tone and smooth the skin, EYES WIDE OPEN is the total tonic your eyes have been crying out for! Incredibly cooling and fantastic for giving sleepy eyes a gentle wake up.

Widely used in our spa facials, it is applied to cotton pads and popped over each eye whilst a treatment mask goes to work, to really soothe and refresh the eyes. Why not try this at home.

  • Soothing, refreshing
  • Instant relief for tired, puffy eyes
  • Reduces inflammation & sensitivity
  • Tones & smoothes the delicate eye area

Suitable for:

  • All skin types, even sensitive
  • Men
  • Women


  • Eye lotion to relieve the signs of weariness
  • Cleanses the eye area (but its not an eye-makeup remover)
  • Use to arrive revived after a long flight

How to apply/use:

Place a small amount onto two cotton pads and lay over each eye for five minutes to cool and rejuvenate. Alternatively, wipe over each eye just for a few seconds to bring instant refreshment. For an extra cool blast place the bottle into the fridge for a few minutes before use, to seriously rejuvenate and put the sparkle back where it belongs!

Key Ingredients:

Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Eyebright, Balm Mint, Cornflower, Rosewater

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