Face Serum for Renewed Recovery

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A potent blend of ancient ingredients from deep within the Amazon Rainforest that work together to recover and heal unbalanced, damaged and irritated skin. Rich in vitamin E and natural essential fatty acids, Babassu oil acts as an anti-inflammatory whilst Cactus oil moisturises, nourishes and protects.

• Pfaffia – A powerful adaptogenic that helps to reduce inflammation, redness and breakouts and offers relief from imbalances caused from stress, hormones and external aggressors. Protecting the skin and working with the body’s ability to heal through sleep

• White Lily – Rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to calm and combat imbalances in the skin.

• Amazonian Elixir – A blend of some of the world’s most potent adaptogenic ingredients to combat the effects of stress on the complexion. To renew and restore skin whilst protecting it from modern day aggressors.

For imbalances, city living and jet lag.

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