Go Figure

From: £26

Magic Knickers in a Bottle! You know when you say ‘does my bum look big in this, and the wobbly bits seem to be getting wobblier? Well, GO FIGURE is your new best friends
for bums, tums & thighs.

Let’s get techie for a moment – this advanced formula fights cellulite in three ways: it limits the imbalance between adiposities and pre-adiposities (dips and bumps); it promotes fat breakdown and it reinforces the dermal layer (keeps it all tight).

Simply apply morning and evening on dry skin, using rigorous upward, circular motions with hands or NO PAIN GO GAIN nodule massage brush.

Key Points:
Absorbs quickly – no tacky residue
Contains clever Iso-slim complex
Energises the skin with guarana, ginseng and ginger
Anti-cellulite plus slimming action: visibly reduces cellulite with multi-targeted slimming activity
Stimulates collagen production for firmness
Improves skin quality – smoothes and tones
Patent formula


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